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Project Evaluation Support

Fire Code Guidance / Value Engineering / Bidding Assistance

We have expertise in fire codes nationwide and can find cost effective solutions to your fire code issues.  We have many years experience working with Fire Marshals and building officials to resolve difficult fire issues.   We have fire departments that have used our solutions on their buildings.  It is better for YOUR Project to have our expertise involved early.  Often we have seen savings up to sixty percent on re


Fire Protection Engineers (FPEs)

Often, specific assemblies have not been tested for fire codes.  FPEs evaluate the product specification and YOUR assembly and can provide engineering approval for fire and building officials.  We have FPEs available to provide approvals for your situation.


Product Application Installation Support

We have a resource of applicators nationwide to apply or install the solution to YOUR fire code issue.


Application Inspection and Certification to ASTM Standards

How can you be assured that the product has been applied to specification?  Through our subsidiary, Thickness Technologies, we can certify your project to ASTM standards to assure proper application.